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Power Up Your EV Journey with Bell Hub: Speed, Savings, and Convenience at Every Charge

Introducing Bell Hub, your one-stop destination for ultra-fast and convenient EV charging! We understand that every driver has different needs, which is why we offer two distinct charging solutions: Bell Supercharge and Bell Recharge. Let’s find the perfect fit for you:

Need blazing-fast charging?

  • Bell Supercharge: Unleash the lightning! With a staggering 400 kW capacity, it fuels your EV from 10% to 100% in a mere 10 minutes, perfect for tight timelines or long-distance travel. Ideal for busy professionals, adventure seekers, or anyone who values instant power.

Prefer a budget-friendly option?

  • Bell Recharge: Charge smart, charge efficiently. At 240 kW, it gets you back on the road in 15-20 minutes, offering ample time for a relaxed break without breaking the bank. Perfect for everyday errands, leisurely road trips, or value-conscious drivers.

Both solutions share these winning features:

  • Convenient locations: Find stations across Australia, strategically placed for seamless integration into your journey.
  • Universal compatibility: No adapter hassles! Both use industry-standard CCS connectors, fitting virtually any modern EV.
  • Future-proof technology: Rest assured, your charging experience stays ahead of the curve with adaptability to upcoming standards.
  • Reliable performance: Count on consistent, dependable charging every time you visit a Bell Hub station.

Bell Hub is more than just charging. Enjoy additional amenities like car washes, cafes, restrooms, and Wi-Fi, making your stop a refreshing experience.


Bell Supercharge & Bell Recharge

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