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Bell Supercharge

Ultra-fast Premium EV Charging

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Bell Supercharge is our premium Ultra-Fast EV charging branded product (up to 260 kW).

Bell Supercharge

Unleash the Lightning: Bell Supercharge for EV Drivers on the Go

Tired of waiting hours for your electric car to charge? Say goodbye to range anxiety with Bell Supercharge, the revolutionary charging solution built for speed. Imagine powering your EV from 10% to 80% in just 15 minutes, enough to conquer any road trip or unexpected detour.

Faster Than Fast: Compared to standard DC fast chargers, Bell Supercharge delivers a jaw-dropping 260 kW, slashing charging times in half. Picture this: a quick coffee break becomes a full battery, transforming every stop into a seamless extension of your journey. Leave the slow lane behind and experience the thrill of true electric freedom.

Priced for Efficiency: While Bell Supercharge comes at a premium compared to our Bell Recharge service, think of it as an investment in your time. The pre-set, transparent pricing reflects the superior speed and convenience, ensuring you know exactly what you’re paying for. Ideal for busy professionals, long-distance travelers, or anyone who values instant power, Bell Supercharge is designed to fit your fast-paced lifestyle.

Universally Compatible: No need to worry about connector confusion. Bell Supercharge features industry-standard CCS connectors, compatible with virtually all modern EVs. This flexibility guarantees worry-free charging wherever your adventures take you.

The Future is Now: We’re rolling out Bell Supercharge across key locations, putting the power of ultra-fast charging within your reach. But the journey doesn’t stop there. Our commitment to innovation ensures seamless compatibility with future connector standards and vehicle technologies, making Bell Supercharge your future-proof charging partner.

Don’t just charge, Supercharge your EV experience. Join the waitlist at Email Alerts Signup | Bell Resources for early access. Be among the first to experience the thrill of instant power and redefine your electric journey with Bell Supercharge.

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