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Bell Recharge

Ultra-fast Standard EV Charging

Bell Recharge

Bell Recharge is our standard Ultra-Fast EV charging branded product (up to 160 kW).

Bell Recharge

Find Your Perfect Charge: Bell Recharge – Power Up Without Breaking the Bank

Not everyone needs lightning speed when it comes to charging their EV. Maybe you’re planning a leisurely road trip, enjoying a shopping spree, or just grabbing a bite. For those moments, Bell Recharge offers the perfect balance of power and value.

Charge Smart, Charge Efficiently: With a robust 160 kW charging capacity, Bell Recharge gets you back on the road quickly. Expect a full charge from 10% to 80% in 15-20 minutes, depending on your EV’s battery technology. That’s enough time to stretch your legs, grab a coffee, or catch up on emails – all while your car juices up efficiently.

Priced Right, Just for You: Bell Recharge understands that value matters. That’s why it’s priced lower than Bell Supercharge, offering significant savings without sacrificing convenience. It’s the perfect choice for drivers who appreciate a budget-friendly option without compromising on a quality charging experience.

Universal Compatibility: No need to worry about connector confusion. Bell Recharge, like its Supercharge counterpart, features CCS connectors, compatible with virtually all modern EVs. This flexibility ensures effortless charging wherever your travels take you.

The Future is Here: Just like Supercharge, Bell Recharge is built with the future in mind. Its commitment to innovation ensures compatibility with future connector standards and vehicle technologies, making it a future-proof investment in your EV’s needs.

Choose Bell Recharge for:

  • Smart charging: Get a full charge in 15-20 minutes, perfect for everyday errands or relaxed travel.
  • Budget-friendly power: Enjoy lower prices compared to Supercharge, making it an economical choice for value-conscious drivers.
  • Universal compatibility: Charge with confidence thanks to CCS connectors, the industry standard for DC fast chargers.
  • Future-proof investment: Rest assured, Bell Recharge will adapt to upcoming technologies, keeping your charging experience seamless.


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Discover the perfect balance of speed, value, and future-proofing with Bell Recharge – your smart choice for convenient and affordable EV charging.

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